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Published on June 14, 2023

Interview with Mustafa Caglar : Technical Sales Manager at Aymas Makina Recycling Machinery

Interview with Mustafa Caglar : Technical Sales Manager at Aymas Makina Recycling Machinery
Interview with Mustafa Caglar : Technical Sales Manager at Aymas Makina Recycling Machinery

We wanted to put one of our longest-standing partners in the spotlight through an interview, which you can find below.

“Hi Mustafa, We would like to ask you a few questions about your company” :  

Can you tell us about your job at the company and your role in the production of recycling machines?

I am a Technical Sales Manager as a title but I see myself as a problem solver. I have to be the bridge between the clients and the production department of Aymas to meet our client requirements as the best. All projects are unique even our products have standards and I have to diagnose the problem of the client and reflect them to the production.



How would you describe the advantages of your recycling machines compared to other similar products on the market?

Our machines are up do date to the current Technologies in hydraulic , automation , mechanic and safety. Aymas is conscious about 2 things ; quality and customer satisfaction.

Our machines outperform over the other products in the market in terms of efficiency, productivity. The advanced Technologies we use, innovative processes contributes to our machines superior performance. All the departments of Aymas Works for customer satisfaction . Starting from Sales to the engineering department we work non-stop to meet our customer requirements

Since we emphathize the clients problems we know how important it is for a machine to be robust and problem free. Our solutions are cost-saving over the competitions. Energy consumption, lower maintenance requirements , increased operational efficiency are the key performances for a client.

Understanding and emphatizing that our machines are built to withstand heavy usage and have a longer lifespan compared to the most in the market. This aspect helps our clients to avoid frequent repairs or replacements , resulting in enchanced value for their investment.

As its implemented on our machines we have remote diagnostic system that allow us to help our clients even from our offices. With a Cloud internet connection we can check our machines online and guide the client for a proper troubleshooting as fast as possible.

Can you give us an example of a significant success in setting up one of your recycling machines?

The success comes in this business when you dont focus on profit. Of course we have factory to run and employees to pay but focusing on the problem and solving a problem of the client as or best is the key to many success stories.

Last year we had the opportunity to collaborate with a large recycling facility in a major city in Australia. They were facing challanges in efficiently processing various types of steel scrap and they were looking for a robust machine to meet their requirements and also a good set-up and order for their scrap yard.

I remember when we had the first meeting in the yard and comparing to its situation now I definetly feel proud. As our machine densifying scrap very well , today our clients load more scrap to the containers in a less time . The cost-saving per container now is more then 50% and 40% more in container quantity per day.

The most important thing was to diagnose the requirement very well and when a client is supportive you can achieve this easily so its not just about us but also about valued clients.




How do you guarantee the quality of your recycling machines and what quality control measures are in place?

Again, Aymas known with its robust machines but improvement never stops. Our design parameters and engineering quality is none to second and we know to become a sector leader is never enough. Our experienced engineers who incorporate industry best practives and cutting-edge Technologies into the design process. We ensure to meet the highest quality standards and are tailored to adress specific requirements of the client.

Knowing that all specifications and engineering behind of them , we ensure the quality because we use the top quality materials , top quality test measures ,having the skilled technicians to assemble the machines , having the certifications and compliances with manufacturing standards and in the end there is a continuous improvement.

How do you work with customers to ensure that the machines meet their recycling needs?

In this business to diagnose the customer requirements the first thing you need to be expert on is scrap. Everything starts and ends with scrap so knowing the nature of scrap is very important. Before we offer anything we make sure that we understand what is the scrap type and what the client requires as a result. After the long discussions we meet with their requirements and the facts of the inuque features on the table. One of the most important thing is not to focus on sale  but to ensure the continuous satisfaction of the client over their investment.

Can you tell us about the biggest challenges you face when producing recycling machines?

As an answer to such question I give all the credits to our technicians. When we start manufacturing a specific machine we make sure everything goes identical with the project and our quality standards but of course the most effort is being done by our valued technicians. Thanks to them all experienced employees of Aymas there is not much difficulties but there are facts on the market effecting the delivery times, recent prices etc. These are the main difficulties for Aymas not the manufacturing.

How is your company working to promote a more sustainable environment and how do recycling machines fit into this effort?

Everything we do contributes to the substainable environment in the end. All of our machines process scrap metal to maket his process faster and efficient. As Aymas we contribute sutainable environment by reducing our carbon foot print. Recently we have installed solar panels for our manufacturing facility and this way we contribute on environment as our best.

How does the company manage the maintenance and repair of recycling machines once they are in service?

Having machines in 45 countries is a source of pride for us and in the same time managing the maintenance and repairs when they are in service is the responsibility for a manufacturer. In this case Aymas never leaves their clients alone. We have a remote diagnostic system implemented on our machines so during the urgent maintenances we can guide the technicians of the clients. Very well prepared manual book allows you to handle simple things and we are always ready to sen done of our technicians over at earliest time possible. We make sure all of our clients are happy and having a productive machine all the time.



How does the company undertake to train end-users to use recycling machines safely and effectively?

Firstly the most of safety measurements are not optional in our machines. We do not let machine to be in maintenance mode without locking the maintenance safety pins and guards. During the installations Aymas technicians spend plenty of time with the technicians of the client as much as possible till we make sure that they understand all the safety measurements and basic maintenance features and able to operate the machine effectively.

What are the company's future plans to develop and improve recycling machines?

Aymas is growing fastly. Since 2019 our growth is more then 350% now. Our main aim to keep the quality improved everyday and to grow our robust machine reputation forever. Aymas will be more active in Europe in near future and America as a mid term plans. We also will be in Germany with a branch soon.


“Having machines in 45 countries is a source of pride for us”

M. Caglar


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