Published on April 15, 2024

Interview of Matthieu Gress, CEO of Machineryscanner

Interview of Matthieu Gress, CEO of Machineryscanner

Every day, heavy equipment like construction machinery, trucks, and tractors changes hands across the globe.


The predominant challenge in the machinery trading industry lies in establishing trust on a large scale between both parties involved in international transactions. We address and resolve this critical issue.


As an online platform, we specialize in fostering trust and transparency on a grand scale.


This industry is on the cusp of disruption, with tech-savvy users now anticipating the simplicity of buying and selling equipment online.


Over the past few years, we have diligently built a reputation as the go-to trustworthy platform for clients and partners. Our growth has been organic thus far.


To streamline sales, we are in the process of automating the onboarding procedure, enabling sellers to activate their accounts promptly and commence finding buyers for their inventory.


In terms of marketing, our SEO and SEM strategy will concentrate on connecting buyers and sellers in the machinery trading industry through a third-party trading service.


Matthieu Gress, CEO of Machineryscanner


1. Can you give us a general overview of your machine vendor listing platform?


MachineryScanner stands as the sole third-party review system exclusively committed to your industry. Our primary objective is to empower dealers in managing their company's image and online reputation effectively. Every review undergoes a verification process before being published online, and dealers have the flexibility to showcase them on social media, listing portals, and their websites.

Moreover, we provide our customers with the option to seamlessly integrate their reviews directly into their website. Customer reviews, along with the overall MachineryScanner score and aggregate star rating, can be displayed through a widget.

"For years, your company has been delivering quality services. It's time to be recognized for your efforts and capitalize on your customers' satisfaction."

Through our certification program, we offer protection against frauds and online scammers. In today's digital age, individuals often seek information online before engaging with a dealer. Typically, people inquire with friends or search for online comments to ensure the legitimacy of a business behind a name and logo. Our certification program helps customers navigate this potentially stressful period.

"Don't waste time searching for reputable dealers; rely on ratings and look for the certification badge. Shop safer! Shop smarter!" emphasizes Stefano D’Alberti, CMO, and co-founder of MachineryScanner.

2. What inspired the creation of this platform? What problem are you trying to solve?


Having spent years working for leaders in the machinery trading industry, Stefano d’Alberti and Matthieu Gress have firsthand knowledge of the prevalent lack of trust in the market. This lack of trust is attributed to the rising instances of fraud and the fragmentation of the European market.

Buyers aspire to conveniently acquire the equipment they need for a job from reliable sellers, all with just a few clicks online.

Conversely, sellers aim to liquidate their inventory swiftly, whether on a national or international scale. MachineryScanner addresses these needs by bridging the gap between supply and demand in the machinery trading industry. This is achieved by establishing trust on a large scale between both sides of the transaction and by offering value-added services to both buyers and sellers.

3. How does the machine vendor listing process work on your platform?


MachineryScanner serves as the online platform facilitating connections between buyers and sellers in the machinery trading industry.

Buyers have the ability to:

  • Efficiently search and locate the desired machine.
  • Verify the certification and trustworthiness of the seller.
  • Request inspections for the machine.
  • Arrange the shipment of the machine.
  • Alternatively,

Engage with MS to identify the right machine and coordinate wholesale transactions with the MS trading team, offering a comprehensive one-stop-shop solution.


On the other hand, sellers can:


  • Locate global buyers for their machines by registering their account on MS.
  • Secure the certification badge for added credibility.
  • Advertise their machines for sale on various portals, including the MS aggregator.
  • Expand into new markets, attract qualified leads, and foster sales with a foundation of trust and transparency.
  • Alternatively,

Rely on the MS Trading team for the promotion and sale of their machines and/or trucks.


4. What criteria are used to evaluate sellers and determine their rating?

Our primary target market encompasses the machinery trading industry, encompassing heavy equipment, trucks, farm and handling equipment, attachments, and spare parts.

Initially launching in Europe, we have plans to expand our services to other continents in the future.

While our primary focus lies in the used equipment sector, we also extend our support to manufacturers, aiding them in enhancing their sales by elevating their company image.

Our review system is specifically designed to assist dealers in gathering feedback from their customers. The goal is to leverage customer satisfaction to enhance their company's image and online reputation.

Matthieu Gress, CEO, and co-founder of MachineryScanner, emphasizes, "If a dealer is doing a commendable job and providing high-quality machinery, positive feedback will follow, serving as a reward for their hard work."


5. What is your main target? Who are your clients & partners? What is your main offer?

Nearly 100% of our business operates within the B2B realm:

Sellers of heavy equipment use our platform to upload their machines for sale on various listing portals. They are reviewed and certified on our platform, and they actively promote these certifications to their clients.

We collaborate with listing portals through cross-selling agreements, enabling us to sell advertising space to sellers, thus extending our reach and impact.

Buyers, who engage with us for inspection or shipping services, constitute another segment of our B2B clientele.


Presently, we offer two main services:


Individual Services: This includes listing, a review system, certification, promotional marketing, inspection, shipping, and a secure payment system.

Third-Party Trading Service: Here, our MS trading team manages the entire wholesale process, starting from valuation to machine delivery. This comprehensive service includes promotion, inspection, shipment, and a secure payment process.

Matthieu asserts, “MachineryScanner is the solution to simplify, expedite, and secure the trading of heavy equipment, trucks, and tractors.”


6. What are the main advantages in working with MachineryScanner? What makes MachineryScanner special? What gets you out of the crowd?

Distinguishing ourselves from competitors, none in the industry encompass the entire value chain.

By unifying the complete value chain, bridging the gap between supply and demand in the machinery trading sector, we position ourselves as the central hub for all transactions.

As machines are procured for specific tasks and subsequently passed on to the next buyer for another job, we foster relationships of trust with our users. This trust becomes a foundation, ensuring their return for subsequent transactions.

Simultaneously, we generate valuable data that adds to the overall value, strategically deployable in the future.

Contrary to becoming a mere listing portal, MachineryScanner stands out as the sole global review system and certification program exclusively devoted to the machinery sector.

In Europe, MachineryScanner holds the title as the largest aggregator for machines, trucks, and tractors.

Moreover, as the most secure and efficient third-party trading service for machinery, trucks, and tractors, MachineryScanner prioritizes safety in transactions.

The co-founders affirm, "Should you encounter any issues or questions regarding your inventory, we possess the solution."


7. How do you ensure the reliability of the information provided by sellers?



MachineryScanner is dedicated to benefiting both sellers and buyers involved in transactions. Anyone can claim their company account on MachineryScanner or create a user account, enabling them to share their experiences with professionals and leave reviews.

In order to maintain fairness for both parties, we meticulously verify all information entering our system. To further enhance the credibility of dealers, we have introduced the certification program. Seeking an MS certification badge provides an additional layer of assurance about the reliability of a company's information.

The certification signifies that we have conducted our own due diligence. “Every company undergoes a thorough check before receiving the MachineryScanner certification. Our evaluation criteria include stringent requirements for service quality and legal obligations.”

The Certified Mark serves as a distinctive emblem for trustworthy companies.

By applying for a Certified Mark, companies showcase their commitment to verification, offering enhanced security to their clients. A company adorned with the Certified Mark demonstrates a genuine concern for its clients and their opinions.

Differentiate your company from the rest with the certification mark.


8. Can you give us some concrete examples of the successes achieved thanks to your platform?

Engaging in the machinery industry presents its own set of challenges. Dealers typically prefer not to disclose openly the specific platforms or advertising channels through which they successfully sell their machines.

MachineryScanner, with its established presence and experience, has cultivated strong relationships with prominent dealers in the trucks and machines sector. It is a factual observation that our comprehensive package offer significantly contributes to their increased sales.

Recently, we received a unique request for specialized equipment. In response, we not only assisted the final client in locating the desired attachment but also facilitated the entire wholesale process for them. Managing the entire transaction until the delivery prompted us to formalize and introduce a dedicated third-party trading service. This new service is designed to make trading in the industry faster, easier, and safer.


9. What are your future plans for improving and developing your services?


Our primary emphasis moving forward is on the third-party trading service outlined earlier. Instead of engaging in the direct buying and selling of equipment for our account, our objective is to actively participate in and facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers on an international scale.

Matthieu, express, "If you are seeking to purchase a machine, a truck, or a tractor from a location distant from yours, reach out to our team of experts in international trading."


10.  How can users access your platform and benefit from its services?

MachineryScanner operates as an open online platform, ensuring accessibility to anyone with a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection. Whether you wish to log in, create an account, or simply seek information, you can visit our platform at Machineryscanner

Our dedicated team is at your service 24/7. If you have any inquiries or requests, feel free to contact us through the following channels:



Phone: +352 661 725 373.


"Let's collaborate and collectively streamline the trading of machinery, making it faster, easier, and safer for everyone."


Written by

Julien Jean

Manager of MyScrapMachine

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