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Published on April 4, 2024

Hammel Demo Week

Hammel Demo Week
Hammel Demo Week

Exciting Discovery: My Impressions of the Demo Days at HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH


Recently, I had the pleasure of being invited to the Demo Days of HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH, one of our partners since the creation of our platform.

It was an incredible day where I was able to dive into the fascinating world of recycling and innovation, with Hammel never stopping finding solutions to the recycling problem.

As soon as I arrived, I was welcomed by a warm and very attentive team. The excitement was palpable as we prepared to discover HAMMEL's latest technological advances.

The day started with a tour of the factory where I was able to discover how the company worked. I was impressed by Hammel's ability to simplify manufacturing processes and the refurbishment of old machines. It was inspiring to see how a business can use technology to make a real difference.

(old (above) & refurbished machine (below))

(Not the same model)

The machine demonstrations were obviously the highlight of this beautiful day. Seeing the shredder and separators in action was a truly impressive experience. Each machine seemed to have its own personality and its own mission in the fight against waste, one working with the other in a chain.


The demonstration of the so-called "Red Giant" shredder was particularly impressive as the machine showed no sign of weakness throughout the demonstration.

(Click on the image to see the machine in action)


What really touched me was how committed HAMMEL is to sustainability. Each machine was designed with incredible detail to maximize energy efficiency and reduce waste. It was a true demonstration of what can be accomplished when we integrate innovation and concern for the environment.


Robert Baumann & Christina Elter 

Leaving the Demo Days, I was filled with inspiration and enthusiasm; discovering the world of our partners from the inside allows us to better understand their overall mode of operation and their commitments in general.

You will find the used stock of Hammel here or you can get in touch with Christina Elter for more info.

Written by

Julien Jean

Manager of MyScrapMachine

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